This even is now over.

A roundtable discussion of the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine hosted by the History Department at Royal Holloway

The invasion of Ukraine by the armed forces of the Russian Federation is first and foremost a tragedy for the Ukrainian people but it is also transforming the politics and economics of the European continent and indeed of the wider world. The war promises to be watershed in the history of the region with profound implications for the entire international order. The discussion will address different dimensions of the conflict, including: the impact of the war on the Ukrainian people and Ukrainian statehood; the historical context of the Russian invasion and the Kremlin’s ambitions in the region; Ukrainian and Russian memory wars; the prospects for peace and stability in Europe; the political and economic implications for Russia itself and the regime of Vladimir Putin.

Panel of Invited Speakers

Prof. Samuel Greene

Director of King's Russia Institute & Professor of Russian Politics, King’s College London

Prof. Volodymyr Dubovyk

Department of International Relations, Mechnikov National University, Odessa

Dr Olga Onuch

Department of Politics, University of Manchester

Prof. Dan Stone

Department of History, Royal Holloway​

Dr Daniel Beer

Department of History, Royal Holloway