Dr. Simone Gigliotti

Senior Lecturer in Holocaust Studies in the Department of History

About Dr. Gigliotti...

Deputy Director of the Holocaust Research Institute, and MA Holocaust Studies Programme Director.

Dr. Gigliotti is also affiliated with the Centre for the GeoHumanities, the Centre for Oratory and Rhetoric, and the Conflict and Violence Terrorism Research Centre. Her research of late addresses the Holocaust’s European and global transport histories (trains, ships, and foot movements) from organisational, maritime, environmental and multi-witness perspectives. Additional interests include digital curation, visual and object narratives, and incubating the Holocaust’s maritime turn (“The Holocaust at Sea”). Current projects include finalising a digital-first, open access monograph about Jewish refugees and displaced persons from Nazi-era to post-war Europe, Restless Archive: The Holocaust and the Cinema of the Displaced for Indiana University Press. She recently completed two co-edited projects: The Wiley Companion to the Holocaust (2020) and The Holocaust in the 21st Century: Relevance and Challenges in the Digital Age (Lessons and Legacies, Volume XIV) (2021). 

Forthcoming publications include studies of networks of humanitarian relief provision for Jewish refugees in the Philippines during the 1930s and 1940s, and recalibrating the dispersed visual and graphic archive of German-Jewish refugee women in the UK and their creative activism for Jewish and non-Jewish humanitarian relief networks during the 1930s.

Recent Publications

The Holocaust in the Twenty-First Century: Relevance and Challenges in the Digital Age (Lessons and Legacies Volume XIV)
Gigliotti, S. (ed.) & Cole, T. (ed.), 1 Feb 2021, Northwestern University Press.Anthology

The Holocaust at Sea: Recovering Jewish maritime mobility through curated and dispersed metadata
Gigliotti, S., 12 Jan 2021, (Submitted).Paper › peer-review

An expedition into maritime metadata: Curating dispersed sources for a multi-scalar exploration of Nazi-era Jewish refugees at sea
Gigliotti, S., 4 Nov 2020, (Unpublished).Paper › peer-review

Gigliotti, S. & Cole, T., 1 Nov 2020, The Holocaust in the Twenty-First Century: Relevance and Challenges in the Digital Age (Lessons and Legacies Volume XIV). Northwestern University PressChapter

The narrative legacies of exceptional crime: the prosecutor as a peace builder
Gigliotti, S. & Pierce, A., 1 Jun 2020, Legacies of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia: A Multidisciplinary Account.Stahn, C., Agius, C., Brammertz, S. & Rohan, C. (eds.). Oxford University PressChapter
Custodial Geographies, Re-oriented: Cinematic Journeys of exile and Re-homing in They Live Again (1943)
Gigliotti, S., Jun 2020, (In preparation).Paper › peer-review

Gigliotti, S. & Earl, H., Jun 2020, The Wiley Companion to the Holocaust. Wiley-BlackwellChapter

The Wiley Companion to the Holocaust
Gigliotti, S. (ed.) & Earl, H. (ed.), 15 Apr 2020, Wiley-Blackwell.Anthology

Orienting the Journey: Curating a geographic literacy of displacement with cinematic mapping
Gigliotti, S., Sep 2019.Paper › peer-review

Rabbi Marc Tanenbaum and the March for Survival of Cambodia
Gigliotti, S., 14 Jul 2019, (In preparation).Paper › peer-review

Home seeking: Cinematic geographies of displacement in Meyer Levin’s The Illegals
Gigliotti, S., 1 Oct 2018, Lessons and Legacies: The Holocaust in Social History, Representation and Theory. Evanston, Illinois: Northwestern University Press, Vol. XIII.Chapter (peer-reviewed) › peer-review

Displaced children of Europe, then and now: photographed, itinerant and obstructed witnesses
Gigliotti, S., 26 Apr 2018, (E-pub ahead of print) In: Patterns of Prejudice. 52, 2-3, p. 149-171Special issue › peer-review

From Makerspaces to MOOCs: Recalibrating historical thinking for the digital age
Gigliotti, S., Shep, S., Dudding, M., Plummer, M., Priestley, R. & Towl, L., 1 May 2016, There and back: Charting flexible pathways in open, mobile and distance education. p. 195-199Conference contribution

A Mobile Holocaust? Rethinking Testimony with Cultural Geography
Gigliotti, S., Apr 2016, Hitler’s Geographies: The Spatialities of the Third Reich . Giaccaria, P. & Minca, C. (eds.). University of Chicago Press, p. 329-347Chapter (peer-reviewed) › peer-review

Emotional history and dramatic disruption
Gigliotti, S., 2016, In: Journal of Genocide Research. 18, 1, p. 112-117Comment/debate › peer-review

The Memorialization of Genocide
Gigliotti, S. (ed.), 2016, Routledge.Anthology

The Young Victims of the Nazi Regime: Migration, the Holocaust, and Postwar Displacement
Gigliotti, S. (ed.) & Tempian, M. (ed.), 2016, Bloomsbury Academic.Anthology