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Mission Statement

The Conflict, Violence, and Terrorism Research Centre (CVTRC) at Royal Holloway, University of London carries out inter-disciplinary, and methodologically rigorous, research on conflict, violence and terrorism. The CVTRC’s research focuses upon the act of violence itself; the motivations and rationale of violent actor(s); the contemporary and historical contexts in which violence takes place; violent spaces; the antecedents of violence; the social, political and other consequences of violence; representations of violence in news media, film, and literature; memories of violence and commemoration; and conflict resolution and peace-building efforts.

The principle aim of the CVTRC include:

To carry out innovative inter-disciplinary research on conflict, violence, and terrorism.

To host conferences, symposia, workshops and guest speaker events.

To serve as a hub to attract grant funding.

To provide an intellectual home to the growing cohort of PGT and PGR students studying conflict and terrorism.

To attract new cross-college PhD students.

To serve as a hub for engaging with policymakers, practitioners, and publics.