Prof. Andrew Silke

Professor of Criminology

About Prof. Silke...

Chair in Criminology at Royal Holloway

He has a background in forensic psychology and criminology and has worked both in academia and for government. His primary research interests include terrorism, conflict, crime and policing, and he is internationally recognised as a leading expert on terrorism and low intensity conflict. He has a wide range of publications including several books, with his most recent including A Research Agenda for Terrorism Studies (2023) and The Routledge Handbook on Terrorism and Counterterrorism (2019).

He has worked with a wide variety of government departments and law enforcement and security agencies. In the United Kingdom these include the Home Office, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Defence, HM Prison & Probation Service, the London Metropolitan Police as well as several other UK police forces. Overseas he has worked with the United Nations, the United States Department of Justice, the US Department of Homeland Security, NATO, the European Defence Agency, the European Commission, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

He was a long-serving member of the European Commission’s Radicalisation Awareness Network Centre of Excellence which works with practitioners to develop state-of-the-art knowledge to prevent and counter radicalisation to violent extremism. Prior to this, he served both on the European Commission’s European Network of Experts on Radicalisation and on the Commission’s Expert Group on Violent Radicalisation. He has provided invited briefings on terrorism-related issues to Select Committees of the UK House of Commons and is a member of the Cabinet Office National Risk Assessment Behavioural Science Expert Group.