Dr. Anna Jackman

Geopolitics, Development, Security and Justice Group Department of Geography

About Dr. Jackman...

Political geographer interested in the unmanning of urban, everyday, and military practice.

Dr. Jackman’s work explores technological visibilities, terrains, relations, and futures – as approached through the lens of remote control technology, and in particular the drone. She is currently developing three strands of research exploring the unmanning of the urban, the diversification of drone stories, and changing warfighting practices in the remote age.

In May 2019 Dr. Jackman was appointed as a Specialist Adviser to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee Inquiry into ‘Commercial and recreational drone use in the UK’. She has also provided both oral and written evidence to the Defence Committee’s Inquiry into the ‘Domestic threat of drones’. In March 2021 she was invited to speak at a United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research event exploring Drones and Counter-drone Technology. 

Dr. Jackman is on Twitter @ahjackman, and has written accessible online reflections on: evolving drone threats, domestic drone futures, the Gatwick drone incident, the changing geographies of the drone, Britain’s role in drone warfare in Yemen, the personnel of US drone warfare, and drone counter-measures. 


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